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It all began with poetry: writing, that is. I first began to write poetry in jr. high school and have continued to do so, but I quickly found that writing offered me an unexpected benefit: understanding. I write to understand. It’s a processing tool and a method of packaging ideas so that they can be shipped to another person and unboxed and experienced in their own unique way. Thoughtful words are thus like gifts and they have the potential to bring great life to those who receive them. This is why I write.

I am currently self-published with two books of poetry related to my personal faith journey as a follower of the teachings of Jesus (known by some as Christianity). I live in northern California and I’m a full-time student at William Jessup University studying for a degree in music. It is my heart’s desire that if you stumble across this blog that you are blessed by my exploration of life circumstances and somehow find my account of relationship with God to lead you into a deeper experience of your own. May you be strengthened with might in your inner person and be rooted and grounded in the love of Christ Jesus.


My passion is still for writing; although it has become increasingly oriented toward song and not simply written poetry (though I do still plan on writing more volumes of poetry). My goal as an independent artist/musician is to develop my skills as a recording/mixing engineer, producer, and studio musician. I offer basic instrument/vocal recording, mixing, and mastering services to artists in the Roseville/Rocklin/Granite Bay, CA area. I also aspire to form a part-time touring worship band, drawing people into a unique flavor of original songs that connect with the heart of God.

— David Andrew

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